This first post is dedicated to a short run down about who I am, and the point of my site-

I am:
25, still figuring life out.
Married to the most patient man on the planet. Love you Kev.
A millennial who’s seen the changes in our world; from Nokia box phones to present day.
A Semi- health nut.
Passionate about women’s health.
A fighter of chronic illness.
A baby kisser.
Throw back hip-hop and R&B connoisseur.
An ex-Athlete.
A Singer.
A listener.
A personality test junkie. Also a health blog junkie.
A weeper, I love a good cry.
Equally on team Nsync, and team Backstreet Boys.
A person who has seen the benefit from vulnerability, and surrender to Jesus Christ.

My Personality:
DiSC Profile- CD


Enneagram- 6w5

What’s important to me:
Kev. He’s my husband.
My community at church- Take Hold Church, Grand Rapids, Mi.
Friends and family.
My wellness balance: spiritually first, emotionally second, physically last (as a by product of the first two).
Striving for excellence in stewardship of money, time, and relationships.
Personal development, and growth.
My leadership development.
Cultivating my gifts and talents.
Talking about hard stuff.
Listening to others.
Encouraging others in their faith.
Consistency and faithfulness.
Sitting outside.
Medical research.
Comfortable pants. For real.
Baby animals.
Honesty and vulnerability.
And, Kev, again. He gives me heart eyes.

Why am I blogging?
Well, this has been a long time coming. Talking about my experiences, and sharing my story has always had a sacred place in my heart. But, most of my journey has been full of suffering, and pain (mostly self inflicted *eyeroll*). Therefore, I have not been in a place to speak from the other side of the mess, so to say. I can confidently say, me and Jesus have begun a new page in my life and wellness, and I am in a place to share the triumphs (and mostly my failures) on how I got to where I am. Another huge reason why I’ve started this is to practice my vulnerability and openness. This blog is more for me than it is for any viewers (minus the resource blogs I will post about women’s health issues). At this point in my growth I am still coming out of my shell- which is- fairly automatic fear, defensiveness, and negativity. As we talk, you’ll know why. Me talking about my growth, and reflecting on the progress Jesus has renewed in me keeps me positive and thankful- and these two things are things I desperately need more of in my heat attitude/ mind. Lastly, this coming Fall I will be starting a Spiritual Direction program to become a certified Spiritual Director. The program is going to be a doozy for me because I will need to really dig deep into lingering issues I have, and face them head on. Oh (actual last thing),  I am blogging to give some glory to the lover of my life and wellness- Jesus. In my story, the hand of Jesus can be seen in some pretty dramatic (lifetime movie dramatic) ways. And the world needs to be encouraged by how personal He is.
Disclaimer: I will not use this blog to defend my faith to those who want to challenge me and my relationship with God -BUT- If you want to hangout and have a conversation in person, email me and we will chat. 

I am very to the point. You will see that as you get to know me. Know that though things are fairly blunt, it’s just how I talk and think. If ever anything is too harsh for you (or you question if I am gentle or kind) please remember this is the internet and words can be interpreted a million different ways. But, also please know everything I say is intended to be said with love, peace, and gentleness. Most times I’ll need a lot of grace ya’ll. I’m a bit rough around the edges. Remember- this blog is about honesty 😉

Warnings on health issues:
I am going to be talking about vaginas. This is because I am going to be talking about women’s health issues. I have a chronic illness called endometriosis. I also will discuss menstrual cycles at length because I am so passionate about women being able to be in their best health. If you’re a male, this is also really great information for you as well. Especially if you are married. My husband has been my greatest support. Most men could learn a lot from him when it comes to cultivating a marriage when one partner has a chronic illness.
If you don’t want to read about female health topics, and only want to focus on other parts of this site, don’t worry. Things will be clearly titled if you want to skip ahead. But, I encourage you not to. The female anatomy is truly fascinating, and highly misunderstood.

Be brave. Face things you don’t want to face. Talk about your broken heart. Be vulnerable. Be willing to connect your heart and mind to the present world. Be deeper, and less superficial. Be honest.